Liability Cover

We have chosen not to sell insurance, so that we can offer a greater commitment to you. You need us to look after your goods properly, and treat them as if they were our own. You need us to accept responsibility in the unlikely event that any of your goods is lost or damaged. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL DO.. ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY.

Removers who offer to sell you insurance must be regulated to do so, and they have to channel some of their resources into being compliant with regulations. They normally accept very limited liability, and frequently the insurance they offer is subject to excess. We do things differently. Our job is to look after your goods to the very best of our ability. Fortunately, accidents rarely happen; but if we should damage or lose anything, we take full responsibility. So long as your claim is justified, you will receive full reimbursement without any excess being deducted from the settlement.

Naturally, there have to be some conditions and exclusions which can restrict our commitment to you. Certain items, such as jewelery, watches, precious stones, money, deeds, securities, stamps, wines, spirits, and tobacco are not insurable. We are not able to carry foodstuffs of any kind. Clause 4 of our contract clearly sets out our responsibility to you, and Clause 11 sets out the restrictions and conditions of our Liability commitment.

In order for us to accept responsibility under our Standard Liability commitment, we need your written valuation of your goods on the form we provide. Without this, we cannot accept responsibility, and our Liability will default to the Limited Liability specified under clause 9.2. This is subject to our normal Terms and Conditions, available by post or email on request.

In the unlikely event that you do need to claim against us, you should notify us as soon as possible and definitely within 30 days of delivery. We have a nominated REMOVAL CLAIMS SERVICE which acts on our behalf. They have vast experience with claims, and will deal with you fairly and speedily.