Fleet Transportation

We offer competitive rates for Fleet Transportation to thousands of destinations all over the world.

Transporting a Single Vehicle

Take advantage of competitive rates with SHC. We'll request quotes, negotiate rates, and manage the entire process from origin to destination.

We're licensed and fully-insured, and as your single point of contact, we'll give you tracking information, time-in-transit details, and top-notch customer service.

Moving an Entire Fleet

SHC can help to manage the movement of all types of fleets including cars, trucks, vans, buses, heavy equipment, tractors, and trailers. Choose from multiple transportation options including ocean, air, or over-the-road depending on the speed you need. And stay on top of shipments with milestone reports on vehicle movements.

Streamline your delivery network, reduce inventory and transportation costs, and improve service all with a single provider. We keep our eyes on your shipments so you can keep your eyes on your business.